GUIDE uses both websites and social media to communicate and reach out to Indo-Malay people around the world.  This is especially important in Indonesia where there are still millions of people that do not even have access to a church, Bible, or Christian community.

There are still about 275 million Indo-Malay people that are not following Jesus’ teachings. We believe that as more people follow Jesus, violence and hate will dissolve and peace will reign. Ultimately, we believe societies will be transformed for the better.

The Objective of Our Ministries


The objective of our ministries is to share the truth of Jesus with all people, but with Muslims in particular. We invite all website visitors to email us and contact us with further questions or any comments they may have. Then we seek to build a personal relationship with them and help them walk through any issues they are experiencing.

If they are interested, we then try to connect them with a local Christian who has been trained in outreach. The Christian will then pray for them, share the gospel with them and connect them with a church to learn more about Jesus as well as receive training and discipleship.

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