Why Indonesia?

People may ask, why Indonesia? Many people do not realize it, but Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world. It has the largest number of Muslims in a single country. It also has a very large number of people living in poverty. why indonesia

There are still millions of people who have no idea who Jesus really is or what He taught. GUIDE desires to change that. People are searching for answers. Our websites, videos, and social media pages allow them to discover the truth about Jesus, which in turn will bring them the hope they are seeking.

Why Indonesia? A Strategic Time

GUIDE believes this is a strategic time in Indonesia. Why? For two primary reasons. 1) Indonesia putting emphasis on developing its technological infrastructure, which is giving more people access to content they have never heard before, and 2) there seems to be a spiritual openness in the lives of many people.

Jakarta (the capital) is considered the Twitter capital of the world, Indonesia has the fourth largest Facebook user base in the world, and it also has one of the largest number of Instagram users in the world. There will soon be over 100 million smartphones in use, and every day more and more people are gaining internet access.

This means that millions of people are gaining access to content they have never heard before. As we share the truth about Jesus with them, they can weigh the arguments and discover the truth about how Jesus can save them from their sins.

There has also been some political and religious unrest recently in the country. Many people believe this originated with the case of Ahok being charged with blasphemy. This has caused more people to question their faith and be open to learning about Jesus.