Testimonies of Changed Lives

Below are two testimonies of changed lives that happened through GUIDE Ministries. We also have a video of Nina’s testimony below.

Nina Discovers the Truth

A girl named Nina grew up in a remote village in Indonesia. She came to a larger city to get her bachelor’s degree in Islamic Theology. One of her professors gave her the assignment to study about end times events in order to better learn how to talk to Christians.

As she began researching online she found one of our websites. She discovered that what she was taught growing up about Jesus was not the same as what she was reading. She continued to research and ask questions to discover the truth.


One night Nina prayed to God and asked which was the truth – Islam or Christianity? Then Jesus appeared to her in a vision.

After this vision and reading many articles on our site Nina became a Christian, and now her life is radically different. She has finished her studies and has moved back near her remote village witnessing to the community there.

Video of Nina’s testimony

Novita Is Too Afraid to Ask

A girl named Novita noticed that her sister was very different one day. She eventually learned that her sister had become a Christian. She wasn’t sure why this would cause such a change, but she was too afraid to ask her family.


It is not uncommon in Indonesia for a Muslim to be afraid to ask questions about Christianity because of the risk of persecution. Leaving Islam is considered a serious sin that brings shame on the entire family.

Having this in mind, Novita thought it would be best if she searched for answers in secret. She started searching the Internet and came across one of our websites. She began studying to learn more about what it really means to follow Jesus.

After a period of time she realized that what her family and teachers taught her about Christianity was not true. She decided she also wanted to follow Jesus and now Novita and her sister are Christians. God transformed both of their lives forever.