learn About GUIDE MinistriesThere are over 250 million Muslims who live in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, other neighboring countries, and throughout the world. They share much of the same language, beliefs, and culture. GUIDE looks to bring hope to these people through the transforming message of Jesus Christ. Learn more about GUIDE below.

Our Desire:

The desire of GUIDE is to introduce the true Jesus of the Gospels to the world, especially to the Muslims in the Indo-Malay world of Southeast Asia. We want to bring hope in places where there is currently no hope.

Vision Statement

GUIDE exists to present Indo-Malay Muslims with a respectful, conversion-focused gospel message through model internet based media that will also equip Christians for Muslim outreach.

How GUIDE Does This

GUIDE accomplishes this through writing articles and making videos that explain the truth about Jesus. People can access our content through several websites or through social media. We want to allow as many people access to the truth as possible.

Find out more about our story, why we focus on Indonesia and Malaysia, and hear about two changed lives.

About GUIDE Ministries’ Staff

GUIDE is made up of about 20 staff members both in the United States and in Indonesia. We currently have four workers in the U.S. who primarily provide administrative support and leadership to the Indonesian team. Our Indonesian staff are responsible for connecting with people and producing high-quality content.

About GUIDE’s Beliefs: